Samsung Announces Galaxy S4

Today, Samsung had their highly hyped event introducing their latest flagship Android handset, the Galaxy S4. The livestream (recorded above) lasted over an hour where company executives went over what the new features were in the S4 on a New York City stage. This most likely was the most anticipated phone launch of 2013 so far.

Perhaps of biggest interest is the feature differences between the previous generation S3 and the new S4.  Basically, the phone is slightly bigger with a 5" screen providing a full 1080p resolution, compared with 720p in the previous generation. Pixel density is impressive at 44 PPI which means text is likely to be very sharp and clear. The device is also slightly thinner, and provides a longer battery life. The back camera is improved at 13 MPx and Samsung introduced a new feature that allows users to use both cameras at once on the screen, for recording or video conference. The processor is also upgraded to a quad-core Exynos chip.

In all, this is a fairly interesting hardware upgrade, although the look of the phone itself did not change much at all. It looks very much like a smaller Galaxy Note, or a bigger Galaxy S3. Instead, the company put a lot of emphasis on some of its latest software improvement, such as their health offering and their Samsung Knox, an attempt to please enterprises with security solutions in order to better compete with the BlackBerry devices in the one area they still maintain. Still, the overall media reaction seems to be somewhat disappointed, since the event itself was so over the top. We will know more on how well the Samsung Galaxy S4 will compete in the marketplace once the phone is out at the end of April.