Samsung Goes for the Gold...The 18 K Gold Cell Phone

I know this blog has been stuck on the topic of cell phones lately, but how can that be helped when Asia continues to release the most ludicrous of talking technology on an almost daily basis?

The latest? The Samsung 18k Olympic phone. Made of (you guessed it!) 18 carat gold, this limited edition phone has been designed in honor of the upcoming 2008 Olympic games in Beijing. As an official sponsor of the games, it is no wonder Samsung has designed a limited edition phone, however the gold-plated handset was a fun surprise for many cell phone junkies in Asia.

image courtesy of TechGadgetsimage courtesy of TechGadgets

Much like the Samsung P310, the gold phone also includes Olympic-themed content such as wallpaper, video clips, and ring tones. The price and number of units to be produced has yet to be released to the public, however one can imagine the price will be pretty hefty.


Now all of you non-athletes can check this blog for further info when the phone becomes available - and you too can have your own piece of Olympic gold and glory.




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Sep 21, 2007
by Amit (not verified)

Neat, a gold mobile. Price

Neat, a gold mobile. Price will surely be in the sky.