Samsung Innovation Quest 2009 Now Open For New Widgets!

Samsung's Innovation Quest (aka Samsung IQ or SIQ) is now open for competition, this year being devoted to building the Samsung's new GT-i8910 home screen widgets.  Samsung is also being innovative by giving you lots of resources and technical tools that were not available in prior years -- including teaching you all about widgets!

The Symbian Foundation and Samsung are co-sponsoring this year's Innovation Quest to encourage web developers to transfer their skills to technologies for the mobile open up and to reach out to mobile fans who are novice developers.  Among other resources, there's the first of a series of technical papers about widgets for mobile devices.

The SIQ winner not only gets £15,000 (almost $25,000 US), but Samsung will promote your widget for other devices as well, allowing you to earn additional monies for your widget.

To get started, you have to join Samsung Mobile Innovator -- it's free, and it will get you access to discussion boards and other goodies.  And then it's all yours -- you are free to develop any kind of widget or widgets you like.

Deadline is August 14, 2009.  Good luck!


via Symbian Freak