Samsung to Introduce the Phone Camera

While the phone camera isn't yet an established category, if more phones like the Samsung SCH-W880 start hitting the market, we think that it soon will be. Unlike most mobile phones that merely throw an xx MP camera in as an afterthought, the SCH-W880 makes the camera the star as much the phone, providing a whole new archetype.


With its 12 megapixels, full camera controls, 3 x optical zoom and 720p video recording, the SCH-W880 is more of a smartphone tacked onto the back of a solid camera. The device also features touch autofocus and image stabilization.

As to the phone part, the SCH-W880 is a 3G phone with 3.3-inch AMOLED display with 800 x 400 resolution, HSDPA data, Wi Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and microSD slot. So now you can take actual pictures that you're proud of with your cell phone, while not needing to lug along a separate camera. 

The SCH-W880 is slated to hit the market next month. Unfortunately, it's the Korean market and Samsung hasn't mentioned plans to bring it over to the States. However, it does seem like a device like this could certainly be popular, assuming it's as functional as advertised. Hopefully we'll see this or a similar model in the near future.

What about you? Would you buy a phone camera, or is the camera on your mobile good enough for everyday use? 

Via: Engadget and Dvice