Samsung Juke SCH-u470 Cell Phone with Built-in Music Player

Samsung and Verizon Wireless have teamed up to release the highly-marketed Samsung Juke SCH-u470 Music Phone. This phone features an innovative "switchblade" design, 2 GB of flash memory, Bluetooth support, and GPS capabilities.

The Samsung Juke is a very affordable alternative to other "smart" phones on the market which typically cost hundreds of dollars. The Juke is affordable, but it also doesn't have many of the same capabilities as the more expensive alternatives.
Samsung Juke: 0.8" thickSamsung Juke: 0.8" thick

The 0.8 inch Juke is a relatively thick phone, but it makes up for that with its 1.2 inch skinny width. This cell phone features an innovative way to open the phone. By touching the edge of the phone, the top layer flips open like a switchblade. This is a very cool innovation, but I don't know how durable the mechanism that controls it is. I can easily see this process failing after a year or two down the road with frequent opening and closing motions.
Samsung Juke with stock headphonesSamsung Juke with stock headphones

This phone is beign marketed as a MP3 player first, and a cell phone secondly. The Juke has 2 GB of internal flash memory, and it works seamlessly with Windows Media Player 11 to download music to the device. Music sounds pretty good through this device, although the Juke sports a more uncommon 2.5mm headphone jack instead of the more popular 3.5 mm jack. The Juke does support Bluetooth headsets, though, so this may not be a problem for you. The Juke does come with a pair of earphones, but as you might imagine, they don't produce stellar sound quality - as most stock headphones don't.

Beyond being a solid MP3 player, the Samsung Juke has some other useful features as well. It features a VGA camera on the back of the device - although the camera isn't the greatest quality, and it's more of a novelty. Also, The Juke will support email through Verizon, as well as GPS capabilities through Verizon's VZ Navigator. These add-on features are nice to have, although viewing them on the Juke's 1.45 inch display, with 128 by 220 resolution, is a little straining on the eyes.
Front and back of the JukeFront and back of the Juke

The battery life of this music phone is pretty good. The rated talk-time of the Juke is about 5 hours, and the rated battery life for music is about 16 hours.

Overall, the Samsung SCH-u470 Juke from Verizon Wireless is a an affordable, stylish cell phone with a few decent capabilities including: MP3 player, navigation, email, camera, innovative design. Currently, Verizon is offering a buy one get one free special with the first Juke costing $50 (after rebate) with a 2 year service agreement.

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Joe Eitel's Gadget Blog

Aug 16, 2008
by Anonymous


The phone works well, but I hate earbuds with a fiery passion. I bought an adaptor yesterday so I could use headphones that stay on my ears but was infuriated to find that every time I inserted the non-earbud jack into the phone, it went automatically to voice recognition, never allowing music to play through it.

Jan 24, 2009
by Anonymous


the sliding of it tends to break really easy and it only last about 8 months if you text a lot.