Samsung May Provide OLED Displays for “Holographic” In-Car Display

Just in case the 3-D dashboard didn't pique your interest, Samsung has also been looking into the automotive industry to see where they can provide some improvement. Their idea of a futuristic dashboard provides a somewhat similar experience as the 3-D cousin, but is based on Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) that create pseudo-holographic image to provide you with data.

Traditionally, when OLEDs are used in the televisions, or similarly constructed products, the OLEDs are placed in front of a black background. This creates a contrast that makes the color more vivid and easier to distinguish from the surrounding environment. The dark color also provides a sense of depth to the image and grounds it to whatever product is being viewed.

For vehicle information however, Samsung opted to remove the black backdrop and essentially make a transparent OLED board that, when illuminated, projects an image into thin air. The effect is basically the same as a 2 dimensional hologram, only smaller.

According to Samsung, the technology could easily be adapted to fit on the inside surface of the windshield and display anything from GPS Navigation data to your favorite playlist. The system could also be installed above the steering wheel and act as the vehicles information center.

The has been no official word about plans to move forward with this, but considering the current trend of in-car technology, it shouldn't be too long before we see these in almost every vehicle on the road.

Jalopnik , How Stuff Works