Samsung May Want To Buy Your Startup


While Microsoft is busy buying Nokia, and Google going after Motorola, Samsung is playing a different game in the smartphone market. Unlike the other two giants which didn't already have a lot of expertise in hardware making, especially in the mobile market, Samsung seems to be an expert on everything. That company has been around for a long time and, one thing many customers of theirs don't know, is that Samsung creates all kinds of products, from car tires to washing machines, TVs, laptops and smartphones. But that doesn't mean the company can't use some external help.

Instead of going for one large company, it appears Samsung is going after a lot of small startups. One thing Samsung phones are well known for is the addition of lots of small apps that the company adds to your start screen. But those apps are more often than not the idea of small inventors, in startup companies. Take the case of mSpot, a startup Samsung bought a few years ago. Now, it's the back end of their own Samsung branded app. Boxee is another example of a small business that this giant acquired in order to integrate its technology into their own products.

And now, Samsung announced a $1 billion venture to buy even more startups. Their goal isn't just to buy products, but ideas and innovators. They want early-stage businesses with great thinkers and great ideas. The company believes that innovation won't come from big hardware breakthrough, but through software, something small businesses can do very well. By buying startups, Samsung hopes to compete with Google and Microsoft head on.