Samsung's Latest Transparent TV Now with Solar Power

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Another transparent television is introduced in Germany at the CeBIT electronics show by Samsung. This 46-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD TV comes powered with solar power too. It is still only a prototype, but so were flat screen television not too long ago.

The coolest feature about Samsung's transparent solar powered television is that the power it uses to run on is from solar panels that are built to charge off of ambient light. In other words it can run off lights in and around a room, like the light in the room you are sitting in now.

In addition, because of the television's transparency whatever objects are behind the television screen can also be seen . This could make window shopping a lot more entertaining for those of us that hate to shop and it could seriously lower the electric cost for those television addicted viewing households. In my household a lot of money would be saved and I would feel a lot safer for my kids because my husband could really watch them while he's watching television.

The solar powered transparent television also features vertical alignment display as well as ten-finger touchscreen technology. Take a look at the YouTube video of the woman using the ten-finger touchscreen technology.


Via Ecogeek, Itproportal and Inhabitat