Samurai Slipper Socks For The Cloven Few

These beautiful brocade samurai slipper socks may appear somewhat devilish to the casual onlooker due to their unique "cloven hoof" design, but centuries of refinement means wearers feel as comfortable as an angel walking on a cloud.

The slipper socks are based on a traditional Japanese design that harkens back to the storied Sengoku (Warring States) historical period when legendary warlords like Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen and Tokugawa Ieyasu vied to seize the reigns of power in 16th century Japan.

Leading armor-clad armies to and fro across medieval Japan took a lot out of a warlord. When it came time to count heads, kick back with some warm sake or just chill out on the samurai version of Casual Friday, these classy & classic slipper socks were all the rage.

The upswing in historical interest among young Japanese has been noted by clothing designers, who have rolled out a number of ultra retro designs including Samurai Underwear. As Japan's yearlong annual historical TV dramas continue to spark interest in the sights, sounds and styles of the past, we can expect to see more traditional clothing items land on store shelves.

As for these Samurai Slipper Socks, interested history buffs (or just those with cold feet) can pick up a pair for as little as 5,775 yen or around $65 per pair. Banzai, bunions! (via Walker Plus)

Dec 8, 2010
by Anonymous


these are frikin retarted