Portrait of A City In Pots & Pans!

Reprinted with permission. (see below)Reprinted with permission. (see below)

In case you can't make it to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco by May 25, I thought you might like to see sculptor Zhan Wang's brilliant vision of the city in pots and pans. When I saw the photos of San Francisco in bright shiny steel, I thought the artist had captured the city from a point of view, at a certain time of day, when that special light indeed does bathe the city in silver.

The cityscape of San Francisco is just part of Zhan Wang's exhibit, which is exclusively centered on the Chinese-American experience. Many Chinese immigrants came to America to dig for gold during the Gold Rush. They came to the country through San Francisco, and called the city Gold Mountain.

Sculptor Zhan Wang had rocks of all sizes delivered to his studio in Bejiing from the Sierra mountains. He used the sculpting technique that he is best known for, melting and sculpting stainless steel around the rocks so that they are perfectly molded in the exact shape of the rock. When the steel cools and dries, Wang removes it from the rock and re-connects the stainless steel pieces to each other. The original rocks and the sculptured steel rocks are side by side in the exhibit.

Thus, the title of the exhibit, On Gold Mountain: Sculptures from the Sierra . The rock sculptures represent the old San Francisco and the cityscape, with its stainless steel pots, pans, silverware, tea pots, and other kitchenware, representing the modern San Francisco, the change in Gold Mountain over 100-plus years.

I'll never look at my pots and pans in quite the same way.


Photo Note: From the exhibition On Gold Mountain: Sculptures from the Sierra by Zhan Wang on view at the Asian Art Museum from February 15–May 4, 2008. San Francisco cityscape detail of the Ferry Building and Financial District. Photography by Kaz Tsuruta. PERMISSION IS GRANTED TO REPRODUCE THIS IMAGE SOLELY IN CONNECTION WITH A REVIEW OR EDITORIAL COMMENTARY ON THE ABOVE-SPECIFIED EXHIBITION. ALL OTHER REPRODUCTIONS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER AND/OR MUSEUM.

via Sfoodie; source: Asian Art Museum