Sand Castle Building For Dummies

I am a dummy when it comes to sand castles. I couldn't build one to save my life. So the idea of molds to help build them seems like a good one. I would have loved these as a kid. Heck, if I was into beach-going now I could The Taj Mahal Sand MoldThe Taj Mahal Sand Moldhave a lot of fun with them. These World Landmark and Architecture Sand Molds also have that element of education for the kids. It's a great way to augment a day of sun, surf, and sand.

Building sand castles has long been a beloved beach activity. Not every beach is perfect for taking on these sculptures. The best have silt and clay mixed in with the sand to give it the stickiness to help these creations hold their shape.

While the molds are also sold separately, why not splurge and buy the set? With the set you get the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Roman Coliseum, an Egyptian Pyramid, and a Mayan Pyramid. The whole set costs just a little more than buying two separately.

World Landmarks and Architecture Sand Mold SetWorld Landmarks and Architecture Sand Mold SetMake use of them to teach the kids about Athens, Rome, Agra, Guatemala, and the Valley of the Kings. Help them learn about angles, columns, domes, and arches. Of course, you could just let them loose and just pretend that they know what these buildings are. Imagination is a great thing.

The skill needed to use these molds is on a par with being able to fill a bucket with sand and turn it over. For those of us who aren't natural sand sculptors we can feel pretty freaking amazing if we can just get it out of the mold without it breaking.

So go ahead and build the World Landmarks out of sand. Just remember, if you are going to build the Parthenon you will need to build an Acropolis first to put it on.

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World Landmarks and Architecture Sand Mold SetWorld Landmarks and Architecture Sand Mold Set

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