Sandcastles Design Makes Ugly Home Necessities Pretty

Not everything you have in your home is visually attractive. If you live in an older home, necessary objects like radiators may prove to be a bit of an eyesore that does anything but blend with your home décor. Making ugly home necessities pretty is Sandcastles design company, which started by making window displays for retail organizations, and expanded out realizing that even the eyesores in your home or business present a design opportunity. Read on to learn more about Sandcastles custom furniture and retail displays.

Artistic Radiator CoversArtistic Radiator Covers

Sandcastles believes that when designing the look and feel of a home or business; there's no need to settle for furniture pieces and other items that just don't fit in with your aesthetic concept. While older homes and businesses may come with unique characteristics you may not see in newer architectural designs, they also come with some eyesores that just don't go with your décor. As a result, Sandcastles started making custom radiator covers, along with other custom furniture pieces to ensure that even ugly home necessities can be made pretty, too. Not only do these radiator covers make radiators better fit with the décor of a home or business; they also transform the radiators into functional pieces of furniture.

Making ugly things pretty. Now how's that for a unique business niche?