Sander Mulder Designs An Eerie And Elegant Threesome

Dutch designer Sander Mulder has created a most awesome threesome of female-inspired lighting designs: Therese, Marie-Louise and Josephine. In what looks and behaves much like glass or cut crystal, Mulder has created high-impact polycarbonate lamps for high effect... that look as eerie as they do elegant.

Carving 16 identical polycarbonate sculptures using a CNC machine, Mulder creates this series of lamps that he calls "a modern reincarnation of the traditional," with one central low watt florescent bulb and a color filter,

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastics readily available to manufacture, and it is also the clearest, so its use in place of glass or crystal is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. But polycarbonate has another feature that shows up particularly when the material is injected with color or exposed to color; the edges appear shades darker than the facade. That, along with the fluorescent bulb, is what gives Mulder's creations their eeriness.

Well they are certainly ingenious and incredibly gorgeous!


Here's Therese, The Chandelier!

Shown with a bright yellow light filter and a pale yellow light filter, below, from different distances, you can see the many effects of light, not only on the outside edges of the sculptures, but the inside edges. The sculptures are very ornate here, a child's carosel. Can you see the pole tops and the horses? If it were not for the brighter edges of the polycarbonate, you would not be able to detect their shapes so easily.




Here's Marie-Louise, The Table Lamp

Isn't she something? Notice how Mulder sculpts the entire lamp, not just the "shade." And he does carve a very classical style, but the lighting effect makes the lamp so today!





And This Is Josephine, The Standing Lamp

So exquisite. The more I look at these the more I feel that words just don't do them justice....



A glass Josephine would be a lot heavier!


Below, close-ups of Josephine in yellow!



Lucky you! Sander Mulder's Therese, Marie-Louise, and Josephine are all for sale at Within4Walls, and you can order them in a range of color filters!

Sander Mulder