SanDisk Announces 200GB Micro SDXC Memory Card

Improving on the technology in its existing 128GB micro SDXC card, SanDisk has announced its Ultra Premium Edition card, boosting the capacity by 56% in the same form factor. It's the first 200GB micro SD memory card, and it's ready for the next generation of smartphones with 4K cameras, besides people who torrent loads of high-res movies.



The Premium Edition falls under the UHS-I and Class 10 micro SDXC standards, and has high transfer speeds to match its capacity: 90MB/s, or "1,200 photos per minute". So sure are SanDisk of its handiwork that the cards ship with ten year warranties, and a matching, free Android app will auto-move stuff to the card when your device's internal storage runs low.

Of course, shiny new technology is never cheap, and SanDisk's MSRP for its 200GB micro SDXC cards is set to a whopping $399.99 USD. That will go down when other firms put out comparable cards, but folks with cash to burn will find SanDisk's cards, complete with SD adaptors, for sale "worldwide" next quarter.

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