24-7 Connection Wall Reunites Friends, Families, And Food

Imagine going into an Internet cafe without your laptop computer.  In this cafe, you are going to have a cup of tea with your parents in London... It's tea time there.

This is the concept that won first place in the 24/7 Sandwichshop Food For Thought Competition. one in which submittors were encouraged to express the relationships among food, people, architecture, design, and technology.

The winner was Milos Milivojevic from Belgrade, Serbia, with his idea of a cafe connection wall.



In the winning 24/7 Sandwichshop, you dine with your friends or family, wherever they are.  The 'Connection Wall' would enable you to virtually eat at the same table; your friends would appear on the monitor in front of your seat at the counter, as you would appear across from them at their counters.

Food for thought?  Absolutely!  Our relationship with food has changed drastically during the last century.  The world is more mobile, families and friends are now spread out in various regions of the country and the world.  It's been a very long time since food was purchased from local markets, meals were cooked at home and enjoyed with each other, and our relationship with food was an intimate part of our relationships with our families and friends. 

Food no longer holds that position in our lives. It is something we grab on the quick. It has little emotional value; nor do meals, eaten alone, silently, without ambiance.

Milivojevic's strategic design helps to unite people and enjoy the experience of dining together again.

Visit the other inspired winners of the Food For Thought competition on the 24-7 Sandwichshop website.


Apr 16, 2009
by M Dee Dubroff
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Food for thought




Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

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May 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Franchise this worldwide

I agree with Fashion Finds.

F2F Security during talking etc.

Apps for:

Theme Dining
College Campuses
Revive Internet Cafes
Test new IT Tech
Test AI Tech
New wireless Tech

Locales for:
Bus Ports
Sea Ports
Cruise Ship Terminals
Bus Centers

Huge & to order food from 20 sources alone
Nice Idea.

Must Franchise this worldwide.

First US site: Las Vegas NV.