Sterilize Pacifiers The Healthy Way With A Pipila

Keeping your baby’s belongings clean and sanitary can be a huge challenge.  Their things are constantly dropping on the floor and, while you may do your best to keep the floors at home nice and clean, you cannot do much about public floors. 

When the pacifier falls on the floor, especially when you are out, it can be disastrous!  Your baby desperately wants it back, but you don’t know what horrible germs it acquired on the dirty floor.  Rinsing it under water may be your first instinct, but if you want to really kill the germs you may want to try the Pipila portable pacifier sterilizer.

The Pipila is small, so it can easily be packed in the diaper bag for emergency cleanings.  It looks a bit like a colorful alien space pod.  While the six minutes the device takes to sterilize the pacifier may seem like an eternity when your baby is screaming, it does destroy up to 99.9 percent of germs without the use of chemicals.  The Pipila uses a special UV Ozone lamp to kill the germs.  It won’t warp the pacifier nipple and it runs on just two AAA batteries.

My first reaction was that this may kind of be overkill (no pun intended), but with so many scary germs out there these days it seems like a good idea, even if you just use it at home to give the pacifiers a good cleaning every now and then. (Buy here)


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