Sanyo Eneloopy Battery Checker Nose When To Recharge


Sanyo's popular Eneloop rechargeable batteries have been marketed using Eneloopy, a white canine mascot who somewhat resembles Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoons and comic strips. Responding to many requests, Sanyo has announced a limited edition Eneloopy battery checker that comes with a pair of AA size Eneloop batteries.

The Eneloopy battery checker features a slightly elongated body to accommodate the battery to be checked, plus a "bone" that is used to push the battery out of the checker - a thoughtful feature that will save a lot of frustration, not to mention nails.

Eneloopy's most notable feature, however, is its Rudolf-esque nose. When a battery is lined up to be checked, a tiny LED in the nose lights up in a range of colors corresponding to the charge level of the battery: green represents a full charge, orange is a partial charge, and red indicates the battery needs to be charged. No light at all means - you guessed it - the battery is completely discharged.

Each Eneloopy comes with 2 bones and 2 'food boxes" in which to store the bones - again, very thoughtful as these tiny parts are easily lost or misplaced. The Eneloopy battery charger is being released on November 14, 2009, only in Japan. (via Impress Watch)