Sarah Palin Trades In Twitter Tweets For Facebook Powder!

How can anyone forget the now infamous 'lipstick on a pig' reference during the last political campaign and the hockey Mom from the Tundra that turned "going rogue" into a mantra. Well now that same lady is using the "powder" of social media to sell books and position herself for a run at the highest post in the land.

While Twitter served as her microblogging megaphone until the time she threw in the Governor's towel this past July, it appears that Facebook is the lady's new social network du jour (see previous related post, "Puck you Alaska...")

Sarah Palin's last tweet as GovernorSarah Palin's last tweet as Governor

Palin, who stopped tweeting herself silly when she stepped down as governor, has returned to Twitter under the new moniker SarahPalinUSA (apparently she sees her name synonymous with her country!)  But for the time being, it appears she likes the freedom that Facebook offers in allowing her to write more than 140 characters at a crack.

Here she waxes poetic (or as close as a Rogue Beauty Queen can come to poetry) about how the mainstream media has been posting erroneous lies about the contents of her recently published memoir.

Then because she can't help but be redundant, and in case you didn't understand her previous  "powder" posting," two days later on November 15, she underscores the fact that the mean-spirited media is always out to get her  - and that it will take the Palin posse to "set the record straight."

A Miami Herald  report noted a tweet by Larry Sabato, University of Virginia's director of politics who was able to succinctly assess Palin's 2012 run for the Presidency in less than 140 characters.

So whether you a are Sarah Palin fan or not, she sure knows how to attract attention. By applying her 'dry powder' one book tour at a time, it appears she has an uncanny ability to continuously spin a few yarns that are sure to keep us entertained for the next two years to come! You betcha!

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