Sarah’s Smash Shack: Consumers Relieve Frustration by Breaking Stuff

If you are human, you have probably at some point been so frustrated you felt the need to break something to relieve the tension. Sarah's Smash Shack , in San Diego, California, provides a service to consumers that allows them to salvage their personal possessions, and break someone else's.

Sarah's Smash Shack offers a comprehensive menu of satisfying stuff to break. Its ‘Main Courses' run at approximately $30 and those looking to let off some steam can choose from a ten plate combination, a mystery box of ten mixed items, or a buffet of ten items of their choosing. They also have an ‘On the Side' selection, which consists of smaller items in lesser quantities with are mostly various forms of glassware. For a fee, you can even bring your own things from home. After all, it can be more rewarding to break a token of your ex's love, if that is what's ailing you.

In order to provide a safe setting, and keep environmental damage to a minimum, Sarah's Smash Shack has specially designed ‘Break Rooms' which can accommodate between one and four people. They come equipped with an audio system to plug in your own MP3 player, so you can smash to your heart's delight to a personalized soundtrack. They will also provide you with safety equipment to ensure you leave in one piece.

The entrepreneurial founders of Sarah's Smash Shack, Sarah Lavely and Ed Smith were both veterans of the veterinary field when they decided to make their unique business idea a reality. Perhaps it was the stress they faced day-to-day in their industry that made them realize that everyone needs a productive way to release their frustration that does not equate to road rage, verbal aggression, or the destruction of personal possessions.

A business concept like Sarah's Smash Shack, likely operates with relatively low overhead costs, and is a simple, functional idea with public appeal. It's a fine example of how a little creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset can result in small business success.

Nov 12, 2008
by John P. Barker
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I not only WANT to go there... I HAVE to go there. I'm hitting critical mass and that looks like the solution. Well, that and a punching bag. And maybe a marathon of Wii Boxing. And... (insert physical destruction thought of your choice here).

Yeah... that would feel good...

Nov 12, 2008
by Diana Eid

Wow, I think I may have to

Wow, I think I may have to take some vacation time to go there and relax. There are many things I'd like to smash, and the mystery box sounds so appealing! :)

Nov 12, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 I think if there was one

 I think if there was one of these is every major city around the world, it would eliminate a lot of our problems! 

 Thank you both for your comments!

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer

Nov 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Expansion Idea

Now all they need is to add an artist's studio on the side where they can have someone make mosaic items such as tiles, pottery, a table etc. from all of the smashed items. Customers can either pick up an existing piece or order something special to be made from the items they smashed.

As important as being able to let out pent up stress is the ability to use it in some constructive way afterwards so you don't feel as if destruction is the only way to feel better.

Nov 15, 2008
by Anonymous


guess I should have checked out the link, they do turn the stuff into mosaic, I would prefer to be able to take my bits and have them make something specifically for me though instead of simply knowing the pieces would be made into something somewhere, or their option of taking some of your pieces home in a little plastic box, meh