Sassy Teething Feeder Allows Babies A Wider Range of Food Choices


Here is an interesting little baby tool.  It looks like a contraption you would see featured on one of those ‘guess what it is’ type of gadget postings.  This one is called the Sassy Teething Feeder and it actually looks quite handy for parents who are interested in introducing their babies to new food tastes or who want to offer their child another teething option.

The device consists of a chillable base, a detachable mesh bag and a cover.  Parents can fill the bag portion with practically any food they would like to give their baby to try.  The child can then chew away on the bag without parents having to worry about them getting any big chunks.  For teething babies, food (like fruits and vegetables) can be frozen before inserting into the feeder.  This way the child can gnaw on something cool, get some nutrition and not have to freeze his/her little hands in the process.

The bags are washable and additional bags are also available for purchase, so you could have a range of foods waiting to be attached.  Babies get to a point where they are so curious about everything that you are eating; with this gadget I think you could let them try so many more things.  I think that this is a clever idea and is pretty inexpensive too.  You can get the feeder here.

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