Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp: Cool and Convenient Light

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp isn’t really a lamp by itself; it’s a plastic lamp shade with a built-in LED light connected to a USB cable. It’s a modern day, make your own lamp kit without the work. You use the Satechi lamp by placing the lamp shade and LED light into the top of almost any bottle or vase, making a new lamp with every new bottle you choose. Satechi Touch creates cool and convenient light when plugged into a USB port.

This is one of those neat products I was drawn to but couldn’t think of how to justify its purchase. It’s a desk lamp. I have a desk lamp. But I don’t have a USB powered, environmentally friendly desk lamp with a simple on and off button on the top. Nor do I have a lamp made from the bottle of my favorite gin. If you’re curious what that might be or if you are looking for the perfect gift for your favorite gin drinker, visit Smugglers’ Notch Distillery. The bottle is really pretty too, but I digress.

But with a tight budget, three kids to feed, and a frugal partner, I needed an act of God to really find a practical use for this lamp. I got one when the power went out one night during dinner. After the excitement of the lights going out, my partner and I got out the headlamps, flashlights and giant pillar candles leftover from our wedding. Those candles are 13 years old and we still use them, which begs me to ask why we needed such big candles at our wedding. Who were we trying to impress?

My daughter stole the flashlights, and I blinded my twin boys with the headlamp while I tried to find a safe place to put lit candles. Where is a good place to put fire when you have a toddler and two unstable, tiny walkers? Nowhere.

A Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp would have been perfect in this situation. I could have connected it to a USB port on my laptop or a portable USB charging station and had a safe and effective light source. This lamp is light weight—only eight ounces—and lasts up to 50,000 hours. It’s plastic and cool to the touch even when it’s on. Since it’s interchangeable, I can take my cool gin lamp and make a kid-friendly lamp by switching out the glass bottle for a plastic one.

The Satechi Touch USB LED lamp might not be a must have, but it’s cool, convenient, and a great alternative to open flames around small children in the event of a power outage.

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