Satellite Dish a Sight for Sore Eyes? Sqish it!

Camouflaged 'Sqish' hides satellite TV dishes in plain sightCamouflaged 'Sqish' hides satellite TV dishes in plain sight
Suffering from the heartbreak of “dish stigma”? Agonize no longer, a UK company has come up with an innovative way to hide unsightly satellite dishes, or at least make them much less obtrusive.  
Basically, the Sqish is a rectangular box that doesn't just house your circular dish receiver, it skillfully camouflages it so that it no longer mars the carefully cultivated look of your home, office or traditional building.

The Sqish system is being looked at by individuals and businesses in countries like Great Britain and Japan where both cultural pressures and actual bylaws discourage the appearance of modern hi-tech hardware on well-loved buildings that may be centuries old.

Here's how Sqish works: Take a digital photo of your existing dish or, if it's not been mounted yet, the background wall against which it is to be mounted. Send the photo to Sqish, who will then create a sticker from the photo that can be applied to the front surface of the Sqish box. The total cost is just over $300, including the matte-finish sticker.

According to one Sqish retailer, Phil Millington of The Satellite Shop in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, “The Sqish is a discreet alternative to a satellite dish and can be used to receive Sky and Freesat in the UK. It can be camouflaged to help it blend into its surroundings with the addition of a bespoke sticker created from a digital photo.”


Millington goes on to say that “It can also be used in areas sensitive to planning restrictions or dish stigma – and in coastal towns where dishes are prone to rust – because it is made from plastic.” Suffering from “dish stigma”? Sqish it! (via The Daily Mail)