Saturn V 3D Apollo Rocket Puzzle Takes Up Space And Time

Let's do launch... right after you complete this amazingly accurate 1/100 scale Saturn V three-dimensional puzzle from 4D VISION. Standing 110cm (about 44 inches) tall, this is one puzzle that'll really rock(et) your world.

This impressive product is one of the highlights - with the emphasis on "high" - of the 49th Shizuoka Hobby Show being held from May 13 through May 27 of 2010. The Saturn V rocket model/puzzle follows in the grand tradition of 4D VISION's cutaway anatomical and biological models as well as similar models featuring popular cars, aircraft and the Space Shuttle.

Some say it's a bit of a stretch to refer to 4D VISION's faithful scale model as a puzzle, as the component pieces are not divided jigsaw style and only need to be assembled properly and in the correct order. On the other hand, it's unlike most models in that no painting of parts is required and the pieces rendered in transparent plastic are intended to serve an educational purpose.

4D VISION is expecting to release their Saturn V rocket model puzzle (or puzzle model, if you like) this coming July 1, 2010. The estimated retail price is 20,790 yen or about $225, which is definitely NOT 1/100 scale to the cost of the real Saturn V from NASA's Apollo manned moon missions. (via Gigazine)

Nov 29, 2010
by Anonymous

4D Saturn V puzzle

It's out now for sale at for $187.99