Save Space In Your Pack With Pango, The Bicycle Helmet That Folds Up

BioLogic Pango Folding HelmetBioLogic Pango Folding Helmet

If you're an urban bicycle commuter or you like to run errands on your bike, odds are you constantly have to deal with stowing your big, clunky helmet when you've arrived at your destination. That's one irritation that can be alleviated, if you pick up one of BioLogic's Pango Folding Helmets.

You can't really efficiently stow your bike helmet in your backpack, and if you carry a briefcase or satchel, then you're just out of luck. The BioLogic company solves this problem with their award-winning Pango Folding Helmet. This helmet folds down to a manageable stowing size in just three easy steps.

Pango FoldedPango Folded

Inspired by the Pangolin (also referred to as a scaly anteater), the Pango is a great product for the urban commuter or anyone who uses their bike to run errands or get from place to place. Folded, it can be stuffed into just about bag, pack or satchel. 

Just because it can be folded, doesn't mean the Pango is of a lesser quality than normal bike helmets. It will protect your noggin just as well or better than traditional helmets. The Pango even received the Eurobike Award, one of the leading international design awards for companies in the bike industry.

Check out the video below for a quick Pango description and demonstration.

As you can see, the Pango folds down to half its original size, so that stowing it is a breeze. The Pango is also equipped with a new Fidlock magnetic snap buckle, so that you can pop it on or off with one hand. The Pango is available in black or white to suit your style preferences. 

If you're a cyclist who wants safety and convenience, the Pango may be just the helmet for you. Check out the Pango site for more info, including how to order your own.