Save Your Back When You Use The Tennis Picker

Tennis PickerTennis Picker

Tennis players, do you think you can count the number of times you have to bend over to pick up a ball during a match? What if you could save your back all of that strain and eliminate the bending? Eliminating all that strain is just what Kim Seunghyun and Yu Yunjo want to do with their concept, the Tennis Picker.

As I mentioned, as of now, the Tennis Picker is just a concept, so don't go looking for it on the shelves of your local sporting goods store. However, it is a concept that could give tennis players a break from all of the bending to pick up balls. 

No Bending Required With Tennis PickerNo Bending Required With Tennis Picker

The Tennis Picker was born of a simple idea--attach something to the racquet that can grab a ball. And so, the Tennis Picker is simply an adhesive strip of Velcro. All you do is attach is the adhesive side to the racquet and you can use the strip of Velcro to pick up tennis balls. 

Of course, this idea could decrease back strain in tennis players. The only trouble I see with it is that pulling those balls from the Velcro time and time again will get your tennis balls fuzzy and worn out. 

How To Use Tennis PickerHow To Use Tennis Picker

If this concept materialized, I would venture to guess that most players would prefer to save their backs and won't be too concerned about scuffing up their tennis balls. Some players even claim to play better with worn balls, so the Tennis Picker could be a big hit.

You can find more information on Kim Seunghyun and Yu Yunjo's design site.