Saving Hands With Salmon Eggs: Restorsea's Innovative Hand Repairing Treatment

Restorsea Repairing Hand TreatmentRestorsea Repairing Hand TreatmentWe all know salmon is good for us. Salmon is a super food that helps the heart and the brain; apparently now it helps our hands, too. Restorsea's innovative hand repair treatment uses salmon-egg enzymes to make your hands beautiful once again. I'm starting to believe that salmon can do everything. We may have found the superhero of the sea.

Patti Pao, Restorsea's CEO, visited a salmon hatchery in Norway and noted that workers who kept their hands in water with recently hatched fish had remarkably young looking palms and fingers despite their actual age. Secret discovered! When salmon fry feel it's time to bust out of their shell, they release an enzyme, Aquabeautine XL, to break down the egg.  According to Pao, salmon-egg enzymes dissolve dead skin cells while nurturing living cells. Essentially, this enzyme is a great exfoliant. Most exfoliants destroy both living and dead cells. Aquabeautine XL, however, contains a protein and exfoliant. The protein attaches to dead cells, and the exfoliant only works where the protein lands. When it's done its job, the enzyme shuts itself off. The cream removes dry patches and imperfections within days. It's hypoallergenic, so even those of us with sensitive skin can use it. Not only are baby salmon adorable little creatures, but they keep your hands healthy. I bet your baby can't do that.  Thank you baby salmonThank you baby salmonThis isn't the first time companies have turned to the sea for beauty innovations, but it's one of the more creative solutions for younger looking skin. Who knew the secret to saving our hands was tucked away in salmon eggs this whole time.

Resorsea's Repairing Hand Treatment costs $85.00 and can be purchased on Amazon or on the Restorsea's website

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