Save The Forests with Coffee

Considering that almost everyone I know is an avid coffee drinker, my distaste for coffee sometimes makes me feel like an outsider. But alas there is hope for me. Finally, a firelog called the Java-Log, allows me a way to enjoy the warmth of coffee with others without sacrificing my comfort in the process.

What's a Java Log? The Java- Log, invented in 1998 by Rod Sprules, is a wonderful tree-saving, non-polluting invention that utilizes a renewable, natural vegetable wax and coffee to fire up the chimney.

The Java-Log is a firelog composed of recycled coffee grounds and according to the Java-Log website, is better than a conventional firelog in many ways. As I mentioned already it is composed of recycled coffee grounds which saves trees and diverts 10 Million Kg per year of coffee waste from landfills. It comes in 100% recycled packaging. It produce significantly fewer emissions than firewood: 8x less Creosote (safer for chimney & clean burning) , 5x cleaner particulate matter (less air pollution), and less carbon monoxide (less air pollution). It smells better than manufactured logs because there is no chemical smell. Some Java-Logs may have a mild sweet aroma. In addition one Java-Log provides a fire equivalent to several pieces of wood, and the flame is 3 times more brilliant to that of one made of wood. It still makes the crackling sound like regular firelogs, but it also does not emit caffeine when burnt so it won't keep anyone awake at night.

Perhaps winter is no longer in season and using the chimney has been put on hold, but that just gives early holiday shoppers, like me and you, time to stock-up on Java-Logs for the coffee lovers and addicts in my family. I can see them now with a bazaar look on their faces wondering why I would purchase firelogs as gifts. That's when I'd explain to them that I've given them another way to enjoy coffee. They can wake up to whatever coffee is in their hearts and then drink it next to the warm chimney fueled by Java. They'll become addicted to this green gift and I will have found one more way to involve my loved ones in an environmental effort without them even knowing about it. Muahahaha! Once they're hooked I'll let them in on my little green secret.

If you want to know more about Java-Logs and how they came about visit the Java-Log website. Via the GreenHead.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Jul 1, 2007
by Steve Levenstein
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That's REALLY hot coffee...

They should sell these at Starbucks "branches"... hehe :o)