Save Power with Online Energy Conservation Game '#denkimeter'

Imagine being able to harness the collective energy of the world's electronic gaming community to save energy of the electrical persuasion. Something like that is happening in Japan, where a game called “#denkimeter” has 'Net denizens tweeting their home electric meter readings and competing to see who can save the most power.

"#denkimeter" was developed by university professor and game researcher Akito Inoue (left), author of the Japanese blog Critique of Games. Inoue based the game around energy conservation but imbued it with the spirit of competition.

To play, simply form a team and then tweet your home electricity meter readings. If your team's  energy consumption is less than that of competing teams as measured within a certain period of time, your team will receive “battle power” points.

Players often attach photos of their home electric meters (“denkimeter” being a portmanteau word meaning “electric meter”) and generally have fun with the concept of saving energy. It sure beats being lectured and hectored into being environmentally friendly, amiright?

Satoshi Hamano, a social critic and researcher at Internet design agency Nihon Gigei Inc., sees #denkimeter as more than just a game. “While each individual player is having fun,” states Hamano, “collectively, the group's reduced energy consumption adds up to effective conservation. Instead of each individual simply calling for conservation, the multiplier effect means that the group as a whole can create greater benefits for society.” Contestants, to your electric meters... CHARGE!! (via and Japan Trends)