Save Your Skin with the UV Bikini

Manufactured by Solestrom , the UV Intensity Bikini is a dual purpose garment.

a) It is a hot little yellow bikini with purple beads.

b) It's a UV level indicator that'll tell you when it's ok to sunbathe and when enough sun is enough sun.

A boon for most of us who love a bit of sunbathing, but do not know when we have had enough and end up risking ourselves to skin cancer. The purple beads are not there just to jazz up the bikini; they indicate how much sun is good. UV sensitive, the beads will change colour with the level of UV intensity. The lighter the beads, the safer you are from harmful rays. The darker the beads the more potential there is for crisp skin, sunstroke and skin cancer. The bikini also comes with a handy UV Level Tag to give you an accurate UV intensity range.

So save your skin, stay healthy and have some fun in the sun, for $98.99.