Saving Energy Via Digital Power: Green Plug Presents the Green Power Processor

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011: Jan. 6-9The Consumer Electronics Show 2011: Jan. 6-9Today, January 7, 2011, Kevin Jones, Vice President of Engineering for Green Plug, will discuss the development of electronics and energy efficiency during a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) panel sponsored by CNET.  Green Plug is known as being the first developer of digital technology enabling communication between electronic devices and their power sources.  Their latest advancement, and a major topic of Jones's discussion at the CES panel, is the Green Power Processor (GPP), introduced two days ago.  According to PC World, technology used in this device could allow dormant devices to "relax their demand from the electrical grid or shut down automatically, thanks to intelligent power supplies."

Green Plug Presents Exciting Advancements in Energy Efficient TechnologyGreen Plug Presents Exciting Advancements in Energy Efficient Technology

The GPP is an advanced System-on-Chip (SoC), which affords consumer electronics manufacturers to design digital power adapters that conserve energy by aiding communication between the source and the connector device.  What this means, in lay terms, is that this device eliminates wasted energy usage from any connected electronic device.  According to sources, the device will be available in the spring of 2011.

Green Plug's Latest: Green Power Processor (GPP)Green Plug's Latest: Green Power Processor (GPP)  

According to founder and CEO of the company, Frank P. Paniagua, "Green Plug is leading the industry in bringing intelligence, power monitoring and advanced control to AC/DC power adapters and the consumer device eco-system."  He says, thanks to the development and introduction of the GPP, chip makers and power supply manufacturers currently have the technology needed to "undertake the transition from clunky black bricks and wall warts to sleek, efficient digital power adapter architecture capable of exchanging information between the power source and the load and adjusting power use according to product need."  Paniagua is confident the technology used in the GPP indicates a move away from analog power supplies and toward smart digital power adapters.

In regards to the device itself, Paniagua states, "GPP is the ideal combination of mixed signal technology, multi-threaded hardware, advanced low-power features and optimizations that make GPP the right platform for rapid development of modern, efficient power supply designs.  Practically speaking, it's a major salvo in the 'digital power revolution' - an acknowledgement that analog adapters have hit a wall where cost and energy consumption are concerned."

The Green Power Processor (GPP): by Green PlugThe Green Power Processor (GPP): by Green Plug

Green Plug has been committed to utilizing such advancing technology since they entered the scene in 2006.  According to their site, "Green Plug [has] developed the first power converter controller family where communication is an integral part of the solution.  In a world where the value of seamless information flow is well understood, Green Plug will enable the next wave of devices to become part of our connected world."  Personally, I'm excited to see how this cutting-edge company will change the way we use technology in the next decade.

Green Plug wants manufacturers to move away from analog technology useGreen Plug wants manufacturers to move away from analog technology use

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