Say "I Do" To The Ringbow Mouse And Slip It On Your Finger

A few days ago, we talked about results from a study conducted by Nokia about using a ring and magnetic fields to control your mobile phone remotely. Now here's another techie ring that you can wear on your finger but it's not for your cellphone. No, this time, it's for your tablet.

(In case you missed it, here's a link to the Nenya ring: If You'd Like To Control Your Phone, Then You Should Put A Ring On It)

The Ringbow is a mouse-like device that enables users to perform contextual touch functions on their tablet's touchscreen. It also serves to make the touchscreen aware which finger on which hand is actually in contact with it.

When the user is wearing the Ringbow, the thumb is used to operate the device. For example, to bring up a right or left click action, simply do a quick tap on the Ringbow with your thumb and that's it.

The Ringbow is still in the prototype phase though, but hopefully it will be released in the market soon.

Source: Chip Chick