Say It Like You Feel With Interactive Message Tape


The delicate balance between negative and positive space can say a lot, especially when using these crafty alphanumeric display and analog dot tapes. rAndom International has teamed up with SuckUK to produce and distribute this tenacious collection for all your interactive labeling needs.



How it works is, well, pretty obvious. For one, it's tape, so all the qualities associated with this classic adhesive also apply here. But the fun comes in when you start blacking out the lines and dots you don't want to see to create customized signs, messages, labels, art - you name it. Now even your most degenerate musings can appear officially sanctioned in digital block letter form.


you tell 'em, sisteryou tell 'em, sister


The latest news is that the line has expanded to include micro-versions of the larger Instant Label and Pixel styles, and those will be available online by the end of January. rAndom International is also heading to the MoMA for the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibit that starts in February, and at that point the entire collection should be available in stores worldwide.


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Sarah O
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Jan 23, 2008
by Myra Per-Lee

Looks like fun!

So cool, again, Sarah!