Say You Want a Revolution? The Panorama Sofa Takes You There

you spin me right 'roundyou spin me right 'round

At first glance I thought this was a giant group "Sit ‘N' Spin ," in which adults could revisit the cherished days of their long gone childhood. Much to my chagrin I realized upon further inspection that it's actually just a rotating sofa, which is kinda pimped out in itself -- minus the fine, high-speed, vomit-inducing spinning action, of course. I guess the adult population prefers a more gentle "rotation" and with this Panorama sofa you get just that - 360 degrees in a geriatric-paced nine minutes. Eight to ten people that weigh in under 500 kg can rotate comfortably and in style, thanks to its inner electro-motorized workings. If you're really high-rolling and the standard fabric upholstery just won't do, there is an option for leather, hopefully in a more monochromatic theme and with some toned down back supports (for crying out loud, it's not a carnival ride!).

Should you be in the market for such a fine piece of rotating furniture, this little number is available through Walking-Chair Design Studio in Vienna and will set you back a pretty €30,000. Yowza.

Found via bornrich

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