Sbyke Is A Bike, Skateboard And Scooter Rolled Into One


Odds are you owned a bike as a child. You also probably owned either a skateboard or scooter (or you at least tested out your friends'). Picture a bike combined with a skateboard in a sort-of scooter design, and you'll get the image of something that looks like the Sbyke

The makers of the Sbyke call it the "next step in the evolution of the kick scooter," and while it looks like a mix of a bike, skateboard and scooter, it doesn't ride exactly like any of them. Sbyke takes predominant aspects of all three and combines them. Check out Sbyke in action in the video below.

As you can see, Sbyke moves like none of its "parent vehicles." It coasts like a bike, carves up the pavement like a skateboard and gives you a lot of control like a scooter. Because it employs the best design features of the bike, skateboard and scooter, Sbyke gives you a ton of control over your ride. The rear steering makes it highly maneuverable. The large front tire and handlebars help with balance and stabilization, and the hand brakes allow you to control your speed. 

Stunts With SbykeStunts With Sbyke

Sbyke can be a great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends or family, or it can be an effective means of transportation for those living in urban areas. Because it's able to be controlled so well, Sbyke isn't hard for kids to pick up, and it's easy to maneuver this hybrid through city streets and sidewalks.

You can also get in a good workout with Sbyke. Testing done by Sbyke riders showed that participants burned an average of 23% more calories riding Sbyke as they did riding a traditional bicycle. Not only will you have fun riding Sbyke, you'll get in a good workout. 

Anyone Can Ride SbykeAnyone Can Ride Sbyke

Sbyke comes in three different versions. The P20 and A20 are the bigger versions, with the P20 able to support up to 220 pounds. The P16 is smaller and can accommodate riders ages 5-years-old and up. Sbyke is also affordable. It will cost you about the same as a good quality traditional bicycle, and if you're so inclined, you can pick up your own Sbyke today on Amazon.

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