8 That Weigh Your Way: Customize Your Bathroom Scale!

Bathroom scales are fair weather friends. One day they say "Right on, girl! You're loosin' it baby." The very next day, they say that you've gained three pounds in the last 24 hours! Art de Toilette, the creative space of San Franciscan Wendy Gold, can help you out with a custom scale that, at the very least, will soften the blow when it comes.

Whether it's humor, inspiration, or a good scolding you want when you get on your scale, you can have it from Art de Toilette. You can even have a scale without numbers like the one below!

1. Ignorance is Bliss Bathroom Scale

"The numbers never lie. That's why we got rid of 'em."

2. Battle Of The Bulge Bathroom Scale

A duke-out between protein and carbs. Who will win? (psst... my bet's on the ref!)

3. Barefoot Confessional Bathroom Scale

Have you considered confessing to your scale? The Barefoot Confessional makes it easy and even gives you a penance. They say "confession is good for the soul;" and for the soles too!

4. Bittersweet Bathroom Scale

I can tell you now, this is not the scale for me. You see, I've lost my way so many times with the See's Chocolate Assortment that I can tell you exactly what's in each one of these delights and imagine the tastes I'm missing... Oh, well, I guess if you're a masochist, go for it!


5. Work It Bathroom Scale

Just how long do you have until the big day? Whatever the big day is about, this scale will remind you exactly where you are on the aisle of success... to fit into the tux, the bridal gown, the bathing suit or that sexy thong underwear!

6. Willpower Bathroom Scale

Another scale for those of us who may need a reminder... just why are we suffering so much? Oh yes, I'm going to see my honey soon! Or, "I swore that this year I would get down to a size 40 jacket and 32" pants." Tack your reasons right here on the scale; as Art de Toilette says, this is "a fridge you don't have to open to see what's inside."



7. The Affirmation Station Bathroom Scale

Ooh! You're Simply Ravishing, A Perfect 10, A Hot Babe... no matter what you weigh... and these affirmations are pretty good things to know about yourself.


8. Bun In The Oven Bathroom Scale

The Bun In The Oven scale gets the point across pretty well without numbers, doesn't it? What a perfect baby shower gift!


Art de Toilette can customize these and more scales shown on its website. It also customizes toilet seats! Go visit! Art de Toilette!