Scallion Stockings Turn Long Legs Into Lovely Leek Lookalikes

Ever thought your nylon-clad legs looked a lot like green onions without the green? Of course not, nobody has... but that doesn't mean it's too late to look like a leek! Or a pair of leeks, unless you've had an unfortunate accident.

Scallion Stockings, also known as Negi Tights (“negi” is “onion” in Japanese) gradually shade from white to spring green on the way up, just like actual scallions. They don't smell like onions of course; that would be weird.

Speaking of which, the concept for Negi Tights has its origin in Akihabara, Tokyo's so-called “Electric  Town” and preferred otaku subculture stomping grounds. It seems that waitresses at the Koakuma no Utage Little BSD café began wearing scallion-like stockings when on duty; the look caught on and here we are!

The stockings themselves are made from 60-denier nylon, opaque so your suntanned skin won't ruin the desired veggie vibe. One caveat of special interest to non-Japanese is that the only size available is Small-to-Medium... sorry full-figured gals (or guys, who are we to judge?), you've gotta be lithe and leggy if you wanna rock the negi.

Order your own onion nylons from White Rabbit Express or Amazon Japan where Negi Tights are priced at 1,980 yen (about $20) per pair plus shipping. (via White Rabbit Express, Gold Rush and SNN Social News Network)