Scandic To Go: Pop Up Hotel Accomodates You Wherever You Are

Have you ever found yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere, not yet at your final destination, and with no place to safely stay for the night? It's challenging when you're out on a little road trip, and just don't have access to a warm, dry place to lay your head that won't come with Norman Bates creeping around the minute you close the shower curtain. A genius solution ensures that a comfortable space is always available to you, no matter where you find yourself.

Scandic To Go is a pop up hotel room based in Sweden that offers accommodations to travelers just about anywhere. Instead of finding yourself in a place filled with axe murderers because it's close to your travel destination, traveiers can take advantage of personal accommodations.

This transportable hotel can be moved virtually anywhere people can imagine, within reason.  There's potential for it to be positioned where no hotel has even gone before so no matter what visitors get the ideal scenic view. It's even possible to face it in the ideal direction to take in the evening sunsets.

This pop up hotel has two beds, a private bathroom, and a beautiful terrace. The typical hotel amenities that guests have grown to expect are also included, and towels and toiletries are restocked as necessary, and breakfast shows up at their doorstep each and every morning. 

The Scandic To Go offers the closest possible experience to pitching a tent or setting up a trailer during your travel adventures. However, it provides this personalized experience while offer the luxury of a typical 5-star hotel.

This is a hospitality concept that's likely to make an appearance in the future as traveiers expect their trips to take place entirely on their own terms.

Via: DailyMail