Scared Of A Stroke? Save Yourself With A Shake

Do you have family members you fear might get a stroke, or a seizure? Do you suffer from neurological conditions like epilepsy or migraines? If so, you might like to download and give JustShakeIt a spin (or a shake). 


JustShakeIt is an Android App that acts as an emergency alert system, triggered by shaking your smartphone. It runs in the background, recording any large shakes or particular patterns that indicate a stroke or a seizure. Once shaken, it sends an alert to caregivers by email or SMS, along with your location. You don't need to unlock your phone, and you can shake it with one hand to send the alert.  

But shaking your smartphone isn't an option if you suffer a fall, which is precisely what worried the founder, whose father suffered from two strokes. Shaking your smartphone can also happen by accident, and isn't always a sign that there is an emergency, so the app is still being improved upon. By crowdsourcing user behavior, and mapping it to real events, the app will soon be able to identify a fall or seizure simply from the movement of your phone.

JustShakeIt is competing with a host of other apps that act as emergency alert systems, all built for Android.

Shake for Help, Shake in Trouble and Shake to Call are some top listed apps, but there are dozens more, many developed especially for female safety. The difference with JustShakeIt is that it's being designed with algorithms so that the app can detect a stroke or seizure without you needing to shake the app deliberately.

It is the first product built by Healint, a Singapore based mobile health tech startup.

IPhone users won't be able to use this unfortunately - Apple don't allow developers to create applications that can be triggered on a shake without unlocking your phone. Imagine what would happen if you had more than one application trying to do this at the same time... Mayhem.

Join JustShakeIt's public beta here and help them validate their Android app and help more stroke patients.