Scarpar--Motorized Skateboard That Rides Anything

Ever wish that a skateboard wasn't limited to pavement? Not really digging a big, bulky mountain board, either? Want to hit pavement, snow, grass and trails with just one board? Now, how about putting a motor on it and kicking some serious speed in? Done deal.

That's exactly what the Scarpar skateboard is all about. Save for maybe water, the Scarpar is designed to flow naturally in any type of terrain, even sand. The board is slated to hit up to 35 MPH (not so fast for a car, but pretty damn fast for a little board that you stand on) using a 4-stroke engine. I never thought that I'd be considering the miles-per-gallon of a skateboard, but the Scarpar is rated at 20 miles per tank.

Though the Scarpar is still in development by its Australian-based parent company, and certain details of its design and geometry are up in the air, it is known that it features two separate terrain-munching tracks powered by one engine--kind of like a tank for your feet.  Brakes are applied using a simple hand controller. The company is currently feeling the pressure of a crashing economy so it doesn't seem certain that their prediction that these will be available for purchase in offroad dealers next year is very reliable. Who knew that the slumping economy could reach so far as the multi-thousand dollar motorized skateboard market?

The company is forecasting the price of the Scarpar between $2000 and $3000. This might seem a bit excessive for an all-terrain toy, but when you look at how many individual boards it could replace, it doesn't look quite as bad.

Sources: Scarpar and Coolest Gadgets