Scary Crafty Fashion: The Scandalous Sock Monkey Dress

Sock Monkeys, for whatever reason, are a trend that has sprung many variations of products, and finally (or unfortunately) there is now a sock monkey outfit that will allow you to relive your sock monkey obsession every time you put it on.

The Sock Monkey Dress is a fashion craft, perhaps gone very wrong, or very right for those who love them a sock monkey. It's a complete outfit that's a little bit scary, and even a little bit kinky; with monkey heads strategically placed over the bust area of the dress, and a big monkey mouth right across the butt of the dress ready to receive slaps from the dangling monkey's feet that hang across the back. With this sock monkey dress, you'll have monkeys hanging on you all day, but be prepared, because this dress is sure to get you some second glances and some scandalous comments.

Via: Craftastrophe 

Jul 7, 2009
by Gloria Campos
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Is it weird that

Is it weird that I want one

Sep 25, 2009
by Anonymous


haahhahaha no.