Deadly Dolls With a Story to Tell


Elise Marchaud was a sickly girl, married at a scandalously young age to the strange gentleman next door. She often came over to have tea with the governess, though she was not, in all honesty, wanted. She was known for her casual cruelty, teasing the Master's children mercilessly and carrying on with a haughty manner despite her humble station. When she disappeared, no one seemed to notice, and her husband got himself a prettier, younger new wife.

That is the accompanying story to Stephanie Alice Rogers’ new Trophy Head series, in which the artwork is presented with a background story.


Stephanie Alice Rogers makes one of a kind dolls mostly made out of items such as: paperclay, polymer clay, paint, wood, fabric, wool, human hair and found objects. Many of her artwork is based upon stories that she has created, as well as characters from her favorite novels, omens, superstitions, myths and legends.

Figurative Sculpture 1Figurative Sculpture 1

She values people’s perception of her work and invites them to form their own ideas and opinions on what they see.

The CroneThe Crone

The Ex-Gypsy from PrahovaThe Ex-Gypsy from Prahova

The MaidenThe Maiden

The MotherThe Mother

Doll Head Ornament 1Doll Head Ornament 1

Doll Head Ornament 2Doll Head Ornament 2

The Doll GraveyardThe Doll Graveyard

The doll graveyard consists of dolls she first experimented with and due to the materials and methods used, they can’t be made into full dolls, so they just sit there, all in a little row, on her mantle.

These are perfect pieces of artwork just in time for the Halloween season. All of these dolls look sad like they have a story dying to come out of them.

What do you think of this artwork?

You can check out more of Stephanie Alice Rogers' work at her website.

Sep 20, 2008
by Anonymous


I would want some.

Sep 21, 2008
by Anonymous

Stephanie Alice Rogers - dark dolls

Absolutely wonderful!
I love the darkness and especially the costumes!