Scary USB Shuriken Saves Data the Ninja Way

Japan's Solid Alliance just keeps on bringing out newer, weirder USB flash drives but the new Ninja USB Memory Shuriken stands out - which is odd, as it's meant to imitate one of the most feared ninja weapons.

"Shurikens" are star-shaped metal discs that are thrown by ninja's as either an offensive or defensive weapon. Just one more reason you don't mess with ninjas... as if you really need more than one.

In any case, the Ninja USB Memory doesn't break any records in the data storage department - 2 gigabytes isn't a lot these days - preferring to impress with its looks, presentation and all-around ninja mystique. You get a heapin' helpin' of the latter, such as a wooden box that appears to be lined with black velvet (or at least felt... well, something black anyway).

Solid Alliance and those retailers who offer the   Ninja USB Memory have to provide something extra in order to justify the 10,500 yen (about $110) price, and ninja mystique doesn't come cheap. (via Yersys Technology Blog, A Rinkya Blog and Akihabara News)

Jun 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Very, very nice.

Very, very nice.