Scented Eye Glasses From Les Opticiens Atol AK Senteurs

If you've ever thought "hmm..I wish that my eye glasses smelled delicious", well, you're a little bit weird, but you're in luck! Most of us probably thought eye glasses are strictly to help vision, but you've sure showed us!

Scented GlassesScented Glasses

Les Opticiens Atol AK Senteurs  has created a new trend in glasses, and we'll see if this is one that really takes off. It just might be unnecessary, but the arms of the glasses are the elements that allure another sense that's got nothing to do with vision. They smell like chocolate, mango and a variety of other sweet scents. It's a fun feature that's getting these glasses attention, but will we actually see these on the faces of near-sighted Americans?

Via: TrendHunter