Schick Japan Animates Your Shave with a 'One Piece' Anime Action Figure

Schick Japan and anime publisher Shueisha have teamed up for the "One Piece" summer cross-promotional campaign running from July 1st through September 30th of 2011. The highlight for anime luvvin' shavers is a collectible Schick Hydro razor stand featuring  Monkey D Luffy, star of the immensely popular One Piece manga series.

The Schick One Piece Campaign seeks to piggyback on the success of “One Piece”, “the most popular manga series of all time in Japan and one of the most popular manga series worldwide” according to Wikipedia.

With over 230 million volumes of the series having been sold since its inception in August of 1997, One Piece boasts enviable name recognition among Schick Japan's target market: young men reaching for their first razor.

The campaign's centerpiece is Schick Japan's Hydro shaving system but a total of 34 Schick products are also included. Yes, 34... Schick is Japan's top selling brand of safety razors and blades having captured an estimated 70 percent of the market. Obviously the company isn't content to rest upon their laurels.

We won't get into the minutiae of the campaign except for mentioning the lottery style drawing at the end of September in which winners will receive one of two cool One Piece themed wall clocks (below).

Leading off the campaign is the featured Schick Hydro holder stand that will be available in limited quantities. The stand is highlighted by a Monkey D Luffy action figure in full surfing mode. The figurine can be removed and its recessed base will fit a container of Schick shaving gel - sold separately.

Further details of the Schick Japan One Piece promo campaign can be perused at the Schick Japan website and, unfortunately for One Piece fans, the limited edition Monkey D Luffy figurine and razor holder is only available in Japan. (via Impress Watch)