Schick's Slick New Quattro 5 Titanium Razor Is A Cut Above

The new Schick® Quattro® Titanium razor adds a fifth titanium-coated blade to the current cutting quartet. Maybe the real question here isn't why Schick Japan decided on a blade upgrade, but why the result isn't being called Quintro... or, say, Pento... or even Quattro + Uno.

But perhaps we're splitting (or shaving) hairs here; call it anything you want but Schick Japan's slick new shaver is set to slice more stubble than ever before beginning on October 7th, which is the official retail release date in Japan (make that October 11th for online orders placed at Amazon Japan).

Regarding that official release date, it's not quite as official as it seems. Schick Japan is conducting a questionnaire-based promotional lottery for the new Quattro 5 that will see 1,000 people in total snag a new Quattro 5 beginning Friday, September 27th.

Is the new Schick Quattro 5 razor all that much of a big deal? Should those who already own Schick's highly-regarded Quattro four-bladed razors go into an OMG-new-iPhone-like panic? Not really; their trusty four-bladed Quattro razors have a lot in common with the new Quattro 5.

Both have titanium-coated blades designed to provide what Schick Japan describes as “a comfortable, smooth shave,” and both feature a handy edging blade on the back so shavers can reach those hard-to-reach areas.

The new Quattro 5 also includes a custom hanger in case you're one of those suave “shave in the shower” types and want to park their trimmer where it's within arm's reach – even with shampoo in your eyes.

We could go on and on about how awesome the new Schick Quattro 5 is but we won't – instead, check out this Japanese commercial for the new razor featuring two bikini-clad young ladies in zero gravi... aaand you've already clicked the link. (via Gigazine)