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Science Experiments That Are Awesome!

Okay, kiddies.  Don't try these at home.  Some of them like... blow up and stuff.  And that's not good.  What is good is that this brief video shows some really cool stuff about why science can be fun as well as educational...

The "Pharoh's Serpent" thing scares me to death.  It looks like something out of an H.P. Lovecraft story--all tentacles and craziness.

I've done a few of these little experiments under controlled conditions.  Not anything that exploded, mind you.  Stuff like the creation of a polymer and the Sodium Polyacrylate experiments.  Pretty cool if you do them outside.

I'll leave all of the blowing up stuff to the professionals--as should you.  It's nicer just to see the results instead of calling the fire department...

SOURCE: BuzzFeedVideo