SCiO Scanner: New Technology Instantly Scans Calorie Content in Food

It is only a small device, maybe the size of one’s pinkie finger, yet it will probably change our eating habits for the better.

The SCiO molecule analyzer, powered by Consumer Physics in Tel Aviv, is a brilliant invention in that it exactly measures both the chemical and calorie content in any food product.

Image: New Technology Identifies Calorie Content in FoodImage: New Technology Identifies Calorie Content in Food

Sure, when you go to the grocery store food in packages are marked with nutritional information, but it’s a different story when dining out.

The new SCiO technology now allows for anyone to scan their meal or even drink and know exactly what’s in it.

SCiO stands for: “to know, understand, perceive, have knowledge of or be skilled in.”

Dror Sharon, CEO and co-founder of Consumer Physics, says that SCiO is the first liquid sensor that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

His company just unveiled its new cutting-edge-technology at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in New York City, and they have raised a whopping $2-million through a rigorous Kickstarter campaign. And they have also raised nearly $25 million from a large number of investors around the globe.


All you need to do is scan a food item or drink and its chemical structure is sent right to your smartphone.

“It scans the molecular fingerprint of an object and provides relevant, instant information about its chemical makeup. You can use it to log the chemical fingerprint, record it, and share with your friends,” says Sharon.

The device will soon allow for users to scan clothing plants and anything around us.

The gadget, which starts at $200.00 (USD), will no doubt change the kinds of foods we eat, which is a good thing.