Scion Introduces 2009 Special Edition xB

The Scion xB, originally introduced in 2004, has undergone relatively few changes in the last half a decade. It still retains its semi-boxy shape and high fuel mileage, as well as its long list of options. As with the previous 5 years, Scion is offering a special edition of their xB model that brings even more such features to the table.

The xB RS 6.0 was originally designed to be a mobile entertainment center that will keep you dialed in to everything that is going in the world. A Bluetooth system is build right in to the audio system, so calls can be heard through the factory speakers and there is no need to worry about the radio when a call comes in.

A Pioneer navigation system comes standard, along with ability to download information straight from Google Maps to your car. You can also program your own points of interest into the navigation system via the internet and save them for future use. A USB memory device or SD card be also serve as a means to store locations and personal settings into the onboard computer.

An iPod dock is also standard equipment on the new release of the xB. While parked, the in dash screen can be used to watch movies or listen to music. When driving, the video function is disabled for safety purposes.

The only color offered for the RS 6.0 is Absolutely Red with an interior that accent s the bold exterior. RS is printed on the wheel cover, as well as a holographic badge with the production number engraved next to it.

The special edition xB is priced at $17,500 for the manual, with the automatic costing $1000 extra. If you are interested, you better act fast as only 2500 will be produced.

Scion Release
Feb 6, 2009
by Anonymous

Scion Just Doesn't Get IT

The thing is not the XB. The redesign STINKS. Bring the BOX back and Scion will regain some credibility. This "new" Pig with lipstick is a joke.