Scores Dye Horribly in Violet Explosion

Another day, another industrial accident leading to environmental degradation... in China, where else? A small Chinese village is in a lavender lather thanks to an as-yet unknown truck driver whose negligence has created a royal pain for the bewildered villagers.

It seems a truck driver carrying a load of purple dye powder didn't notice his cargo was slowly leaking. Neither did other drivers, pedestrians and villagers in the towns he passed through while on his route. No surprise there; the powder is dull grayish-brown in its dry state and only displays its true colors, as it were, when activated with water.

As the accident occurred on a dry day, the aforementioned other drivers, pedestrians and villagers unconsciously spread the leaked dye far and wide, from the street into stores, homes and public buildings in the course of their daily travels.

Soon enough, however, rain fell, lawns were watered, floors were cleaned and hands were washed. Faces quickly turned purple with rage... and other things, too. Even poor patrolling pets were affected by the insidious powder which scattered, drifted and blew anywhere and everywhere at the mercy of the prevailing breezes.

It's not known who the responsible transport truck driver is or whether he was aware, at the time of the accident or after delivering his load of powdered dye, that he was adding color to the drab lives of China's rural villagers. It's also not clear if the dye itself is dangerous to human and animal health – one might assume, at the very least, that's it's probably not beneficial.


As for the headline of this post, we'd like to take credit for a sentence Daily Mail writers would, er, dye to have on their bylines but that honor goes to Sankaku Complex. As SC is an NSFW site we'll leave it to readers to seek it out themselves, and we'll also mention that the images reproduced in this post and at Sankaku Complex were originally published at

Sep 22, 2012
by Anonymous

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