Scottevest: Gadget Clothing For Spies

If you're a spy then you know that you have to wear functional clothing.  Clothing that looks good, yet has the ability to hold all of your spy gear without making you look like a walking multi-tool.

Spy Gear from Scottevest/SeV is what every well-dressed, well-equipped spy should be wearing.  A combination of style and functionality, these clothes are perfect for covert operations.

Take the SeV Evolution Jacket, for example.

This sucker is waterproof, yet breathable, is warmer than a windbreaker, converts into a vest, has a removable hood, and sports 25 hidden pockets.  Quite the versatile garment, eh?

Then there's the Scott Jordan Signature System, which is possibly the coolest jacket ever.


Adorned with a whopping 52 pockets in two separate layers (one easily accessible, the other hidden for your spy stuff), a removable hood, and a waterproof exterior, this jacket is designed for a spy.  Some of the pockets are clear, allowing for the wearer to operate gear without removing it from the jacket-thus keeping potentially fragile equipment out of the elements.

This guy seems to love his Signature System:

But ScotteVest offers more than just jackets.  Travel Tec Shirt offers some surprises:

You wouldn't guess that this nice looking shirt contains 8 pockets, would ya?  It's designed to disguise the fact that you're carrying tons of stuff.  Special pockets are designed specifically for certain items such as an iPod, travel documents, and memory cards.  And of course there's the secret pocket...

In my previous life working in film and video, I wore cargo pants every day.  The pockets came in handy for carrying all sorts of equipment-everything from gaffer's tape to a book of matches (some producers were pissy and wouldn't use a lighter anywhere near their precious imported cigarettes)-plus they were quite comfortable.  But I never had pants as cool as these:

These lightweight pants have 11 pockets (some mesh ventilated), magnetic closures, and a non-metallic belt for when you're having to pass through those detectors at the airport.  11 pockets!  Holy crap!  I would have loved these! (See ScottE Pants)

And they also make shorts with the same features!And they also make shorts with the same features!

I'm only touching on a few examples of the cool spy wear available.  For a closer look, checkout ScotteVest or the extensive Scottevest collection at Amazon.

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Jun 26, 2009
by Anonymous

007 Test

Have the new James Bond use this or his allied forces use this for Intel Use.
Sell via The Sportsman

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Radical, cool.

Id use em.